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Portland Cement

Portland cement is a hydraulic cement clinker powder mainly oxides of silica, aluminum and iron compounds in the form of silicate and Portland cement Lvmynaty are derived. P.C - type I : It is used in cases that do not have any special properties such as other types of cement. P.C - type II : For general use and special use where moderate heat of hydration is desired. P.C - type III : For use where high strength is required in the short term. P.C - type V : In case of high resistance against sulfate is used.


Pozzolanic cement

Combination of ordinary Portland cement or cement with a pozzolan is obtained. There pozzolan cement reduces the heat of hydration of the cement and increased durability in corrosive environments, particularly sulfates and chloride is sometimes. Note that the pozzolanic cement with C3A clinker Abyek with less than 8% is produced, increased durability and reduced heat of hydration of cement, cement and concrete are significant. Provides considerably. Other benefits of Pozzolanic Portland Cement Ordinary Portland cement are: light weight concrete, higher temperature tolerance, plasticity, permeability less insulation than


Cement Construction

Construction adhesive is a cement mortar water in supply various common materials that are used in the work. The cement grinding Portland cement mixed with natural limestone and hematite powder is obtained. Masonry cement is a mixture of cement in the more industrialized countries in the world to use the mortar and masonry work is produced. United States of America and India are good examples of those countries. In America these cement types N, S, and M is the product of the type M mortar for masonry provides the most resistance. It has a cement materials are blowing. Use of Portland cement in masonry mortar is not necessary or even eliminate the problems, so it is necessary the use of masonry cement is used.


White Cement

For use in buildings where the use of high-strength concrete with no color are required. The color of the cement used in cement production. White portland cement is made of special materials which contains very little iron, and manganese. This is where the need to limit the consumption of cement walls with white or clear, and usually associated with a particular aggregate is used. Since the price of ordinary portland cement, white portland cement is about double, so the entire process, transport, mixing, observing precautions must be taken to prevent contamination, all equipment must be cleaned.